Luster and moisture with news from Klairs!

What wonderful news that dims down from Klairs just in time for the autumn rush to arrive! A mist that accompanies me every day to replenish moisture and luster and an ampoule that can be used both as a serum but also in its make-up and which is a savior in need against that dry itchy feeling that often comes when autumn and winter is coming.

Here are my user tips on how to get the most out of these goodies for a maximum glow! :)

Klairs Fundamental Ampoule Mist

Light as a mist but effective as an ampoule! How good!? Soooo moisturizing with such a light and thin texture that it barely feels! Contains a wonderful mix of antioxidants, ceramides, panthenol and glycerin and green tea.

I use this treat immediately after washing as a first toner by spraying all over the face. I usually spray on it even before the face has dried completely as it is still moist (never wipe the face with a towel but let it dry itself, which is an old Korean trick to avoid moisture loss and wear and tear on the skin).

This is also absolutely perfect to use to maximize your glow before makeup and I use it in slightly different ways depending on the goal:

1. For glass skin look (= a lot of luster and an incredibly moisturized look). For this look, I spray the mist all over my face between each step in the routine, ie after cleansing, after essence, after serum and after moisturizer. In this way, the skin is plumped and gets a nice luster base. Then I apply bb-cream or foundation and finish by spraying another layer.

2. To easily make the bb-cream or foundation blend into the skin and immediately lie down without crackling, click out a little bb-cream or foundation in the palm of your hand and spray a little mist over, mix with your finger and then apply over the entire face, either with fingers or foundation brush.

3. To replenish moisture and luster during the day, I spray over the makeup several times during the day (it is on my desk all the time)

Klairs Fundamental Watery Oil Drop

Just LOVE this one! It has really been a savior now that the cold and that tight feeling in the skin comes as a letter in the mail :(

Contains sweets such as camellia sinensis (Green Tea), ceramides, peptides and various types of fermented ingredients. In other words, it is packed with antioxidants that provide luster, nourishment and work anti-aging. Can it get better? :)

I use this both morning and evening as a serum (after tones and essence and vitamin c serum and before moisturizer. Also use it after I put on make-up by dripping 2-3 drops in the palm, pulling the palms quickly against each other a few times for to warm the ampoule and then press the palms against the skin all over the face, cheeks, forehead, under the eyes.Why? Well to get your bb-cream or foundation to really melt into the skin and avoid crackling during the day plus to get that natural gwanget, the luster from the inside! If you do not want it all over your face, press only on highlight points such as cheekbones and under the eyebrows and on the nasal bone.

Hope you like this wonderful news as much as I do! :)



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