On Friday, May 24th, it is finally time to open the doors to our new GLOWiD Destination at Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm.

We open the doors at 10.00 on Friday, May 24th.

During both Friday & Saturday, team GLOWiD will be on site and we have great offers in place! On Friday, May 24th, we have 300 maxed goodie bags in place. Valid while stocks last and you get it when you buy any full size product from GLOWiD's range. (Does not apply to sheet masks).

In addition, you have the opportunity to meet our founder Cecilia Ortmark Söder who will be on site from opening on Friday. You will then have the chance to talk to her and she will of course share her tips and best glow hacks! She has also been involved in picking down her favorite products in all goodie bags.

On Saturday, May 25, we have new goodie bags in place and between 10.00 - 12.00 our ambassador Leyla Aksoy will also be on site and share her best K-beauty tips. She has also been involved in selecting her favorites for today's goodie bags.

So if you haven't already put this in your calendar, it's high time to do it now. Prepare for a sunny, wonderful weekend K-beauty weekend with lots of glow and wonderful happenings!

We promise you that you do not want to miss this!