We test the Korean Head Spa in Seoul!

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I do not know if your algorithm is the same as mine and all GLOWiD girls but something that has been seen and trending on social media lately is the Korean Head Spa!

Of course, we booked ourselves in to test, but not in Sweden but of course in Korea for the most authentic experience and to be able to report the latest to you! So let me guide you through this famous treatment and how we can apply the lessons learned to our own hair routines at home...

Join the Head Spa with me, Sofia, Kicki and Lisa!

The spa we were at was so nice! The staff was also so welcoming and friendly!

We were first served tea, hot towels and then had to calmly fill in information for our treatments. It was cozy to have a moment before the treatment to unwind, and it made the whole experience a little extra luxurious to drink tea from the nice tea cups. Wanted to take them all home with me!

Finally time for treatment! We were shown to our own treatment rooms where you had to put on a white long dress, robe and slippers. The rooms themselves were also so nice and when they turned off the light it became such a fun feeling!

I got my hair brushed, a warm rice pillow on my stomach (so cozy) and then a big towel over me. I also had to make the choice if I wanted an eye mask on me during the treatment and it was a solid yes!


The treatment began with aromatherapy, she massaged with a light hand over the temples and by the ears, very relaxing! It immediately made me think of our own Multi Cream with scent from "Palo Santo", where the scent makes the experience of using the cream so luxurious and peaceful. Definitely a favorite!


Then the hair was rinsed with the help of a shower that extended in an arc over the head (this is what we have seen in all the videos). At the same time, I got a massage first on my legs and feet and then also my arms and hands. We weren't expecting a body massage so it was really a positive surprise, it really helped the body to relax further.

Cleansing and exfoliation,

Something we were prepared for the treatment to include was some kind of cleansing and exfoliation for the scalp. I got a chemical peeling in the form of a gel applied to the scalp that was massaged in very thoroughly and carefully. She calmly and methodically massaged through the entire scalp to clean and remove dead skin cells but also to increase blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles. Aswe have talked about on our channels before, the Korean hair care routine puts a lot of emphasis on scalp health and that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. They simply see the scalp as an extension of the skin on the face, which is so reasonable when you think about it. Throughout the treatment, the scalp was in focus, and the best of all is that it can not only be done at the salon, the scalp can easily be taken care of at home. Here are some tips xtagstartz3

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