What is Salix alba bark water?

Salix Alba Bark water is an ingredient that is often seen recurring in COSRXS products. The ingredient is often at the top of the ingredient list. Instead of water, which is usually usually first. COSRX often has a shorter list of ingredients that gives visible results but with gentle ingredients that make a difference to the skin.

Water in skin care is used as a solvent, which helps to extract other water-soluble ingredients but also when there are oils in the products. The water then helps to emulsify the oil and also contributes to the consistency. It can be said that it is a kind of solvent.

Salix alba bark water comes from the white willow tree and has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. The bark is mainly used when extracting the water in skin care products and the willow tree has been used for thousands of years in herbal remedies, and is called, among other things, nature's aspirin and is said to relieve pain and have a healing effect.

The water naturally contains BHA which exfoliates the skin. It helps to heal and soothe an inflamed red skin and prevent outbreaks.

Salix alba bark water also contains the antioxidant tannin which has a balancing effect on the skin and has astringent properties, which is ideal for acne-prone skin.

Which COSRX products contain Salix alba bark water?

COSRX mainly has Salix alba bark water in its exfoliating products to get the gentle and gentle exfoliation, but also to soothe and prevent irritated skin and red skin.

One step original clear up pad is a real bestseller worldwide! The product consists of ready-soaked pads that are easy to apply and exfoliate gently with BHA. It is applied to exposed areas where you experience that you get patches and blockages. You can also put the pads on the skin for a few minutes to relieve inflammation and soothe and prevent outbreaks.

AHA / BHA clarifying treatment toner is an exfoliating toner in spray form. It is applied to pads and then swept over desired areas or all over the face. It is also good to take in the hand and gently pat into the skin. As it contains both AHA and BHA acid, it works to moisturize and smooth the skin while removing dead skin cells and preventing blackheads.

Two in one poreless power liquid is an exfoliation that works to balance the skin's sebum production and counteracts enlarged pores. It is used as a toner or applied with pads over the face. Here, too, you can advantageously leave the pads in areas you experience extra exposed and relieve heat and inflammation in the skin as it has a cooling effect in contact with the skin.

BHA blackhead power liquid is an exfoliating peeling in liquid form that effectively helps maintain a clear and acne free skin. BHA penetrates into the pores and cleans effectively and helps to dissolve clogged pores. Along with this product, the use of other types of exfoliating products in the same routine is not recommended. It includes vitamin c, retinol or other types of AHA & BHA as it becomes too powerful for the skin. If you want to use it, you have to use them in another routine to prevent irritation from occurring.

It is also good to keep in mind to slowly get used to the skin of new types of exfoliating products and adapt to its skin type and skin condition. A more durable skin is able to exfoliate the skin a few times a week and in some cases daily, while the sensitive skin may only be able to exfoliate about once a week. There may also be a cleansing also called "purging" of new products including various forms of acids and active ingredients, this is completely normal and often subsides after a few uses.

As always with some form of acid in its routine, it is recommended to use a high sunscreen, spf 30 or higher as the skin often becomes more sensitive to light and acids. So protect your skin and use sunscreen all year round to prevent damage to your skin.

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/ Lisa, Dermatologist at GLOWiD

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