K-Beauty Monthly Updates March!

In February's trend report we took a deep dive into the amazing trends of "a sheet mask a day", toner pads, "cica care" and cleansing pads. We hope you had the opportunity to let the trends take place in your bathroom and that you found a trend that you can apply in your skincare routine in the future! If you have missed our first trend report, you can read it here!

March's trend report consists of 3 new trends that we hope you will love and be inspired by!


To take GLOWiD k-beauty updates to the next level, we will give you the chance to win a kit with k-beauty favorites related to this month's trends!

To participate, do this:

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With that said, let's present this month's trends!

Sleek Liquid Hair

We're talking about hair that is not only shiny, but so polished that it can almost mimic running water! In the K-Beauty world, luxurious curls and playfully wavy hair have long been dominant, but prepare yourself for a total reversal in trends in 2024. Now it's time for "sleek liquid hair" to take the stage! Sleek liquid hair is illustrated as straight, polished and smooth hair.

This look is all about getting each strand of hair to work together, so that they flow in perfect harmony and give a glossy and smooth impression. The hair should ideally be completely free of frizz!

To give you the best tips, we have been in contact with our supplier La'dor, to find out all the secrets that are hidden under the surface when it comes to achieving sleek liquid hair.

Together with La'dor, we have developed a complete 10-step sleek liquid hair routine!

Here's what to do:

  • Apply La'dor Polish Oil White Yuja as a pre wash treatment for the lengths, this protects dry tops/lengths from the shampoo.
  • Massage in Keratin LPP La pitta shampoo and rinse out. Repeat 2-3 times and rinse out.
  • Then apply Keratin LPP LA pitta treatment to the lengths, let it sit for at least 5 minutes but preferably longer.
  • Then massage La'dor Ctox Clay Treatment into the scalp only, leave on for at least 5 minutes but preferably longer.
  • Rinse out the masks at the same time.
  • Towel dry
  • Apply La dor wonderfull hair serum in the lengths, in towel-dried hair.
  • Apply Lador Keratin Power Glue to the lengths for shine and smoothing of the strands.
  • Then spray Thermal Heat Protection throughout the hair
  • Blow dry and finish with La'dor perfumed hair oil for shine!


A key ingredient that is essential for achieving sleek liquid hair is Keratin. Keratin is a protein that starts nails, skin but especially hair. Hair that lacks protein can feel dry, lifeless, thin, frizzy and lackluster. Adding keratin builds up the hair shaft, makes it resistant and forms a protective and shiny barrier. Think of it as a shaving cream but for your hair! The new Keratin LPP La pitta series is the same good old LPP Series but with a unique scent that makes the hair smell incredible after washing. If you have frizzy hair, products with keratin are a must!

3 Layer Essence

There are several approaches to achieving the coveted glass-skin effect. A popular method in the K-Beauty world is the so-called "7-Skin Method". For those unfamiliar with the 7-skin method, it involves applying toner in up to seven layers. This method is designed to provide maximum hydration and nourishment to the skin while helping to achieve the desired glass skin effect. Applying several thin layers of the toner gradually builds up the moisture level in the skin and allows the active ingredients to be properly absorbed. 💌

A similar trend to the 7-skin method that has attracted attention in 2024 is "3 layer essence". Essences differ from toners by containing smaller molecules than serums and creams, allowing them to penetrate the skin quickly and effectively. Their focus is on nourishing, moisturizing and improving the texture and appearance of the skin.

Here's what to do:

  1. Double cleanse and pat in a layer of toner.
  2. Next, apply an appropriate amount of essence and pat into the skin.
  3. Allow the product to be absorbed, but leave the skin slightly damp before applying the next layer.
  4. Repeat the application of the essence 3 times, allowing the skin to "drink up" the product between steps.
  5. Then apply the serum, moisturizer and SPF, to protect and lock the moisture into the skin.

Applying multiple layers of the same essence product can deeply penetrate the skin and give it an incredible glow. This can act as a 'glow hack' for special occasions or to give extra hydration to dry skin.


Peptides have become a real buzz in skincare about their effects and are a commonly used ingredient in skincare.

These peptide molecules are increasingly common in beauty products and are known to promote cell renewal, increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity. Products containing peptides are popular for their ability to reduce visible signs of ageing and give the skin a youthful glow.

Our new supplement Saturday skin's philosophy is based on creating the perfect balance for the skin, and all products are made with this in mind to create the best conditions for your skin. In addition to superfruits, they have a tendency to use peptides in their products. The products contain a complex of 7 peptides that work in symbiosis with each other and have a peptide formula that promotes the skin's natural regeneration process.

Below we list 3 favorites with peptides that we simply cannot be without for a revitalized and luminous look!

🩷MidnightBlue Youth Activating Drop from Klairs

This serum reduces and prevents fine lines in a revolutionary way. Among other things, it contains two types of peptides that work both in depth and on the surface to prevent and prevent wrinkles and maintain the skin's elasticity.

The first peptide is bFGF (eH Polypeptide) which works in the deeper part of the skin and prevents the deep wrinkles that usually start to appear in the 30s.

The second peptide is EGF (rH Oligopeptide) and it works to prevent fine lines on the skin's surface and to maintain the skin's elasticity.

🩷Saturday Skin Scalp + Hair Peptide Strengthening Treatment

Did you know that you can also prep your scalp with peptides? Scalp + Hair Peptide Strengthening Treatment is a lightweight, fast-absorbing, non-oily treatment with a cool refreshing feel to bring your scalp + hair alive while nourishing at the same time. Supercharged with peptides, caffeine and hop yeast to revitalize hair cell growth while additional ingredients like niacinamide complex help strengthen and counteract hair loss. Brewed with innovative key ingredients, our treatment works overnight to leave your hair looking peppy, nourished and awakened with vitality.

🩷AdvancedSnail Peptide Eye Cream from COSRX

This favorite reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles using peptide complex-5 which consists of 5 different types of peptides that help the skin produce collagen. It also has a firming effect and works to tighten the skin around the eyes while assisting with radiance and natural glow!

Who are peptides suitable for?

Peptides are an ingredient suitable for several skin types and conditions. Peptides that work actively to prevent aging can be good to look for for those who are a little more sensitive and cannot tolerate the most powerful ingredients such as Vitamin A. Even pregnant women who do not want to give up all their active ingredients can benefit from looking for peptides in skin care.

What do you think of this month's trend report and what would you like to see more of in 2024?

Let us know! 💌

xx Team GLOWiD

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