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Hello beauty!

Happy Korean Lunar New Year! On the occasion of the Korean New Year, also known as Seollal (설날), we want to highlight and explore trends that are here to stay! Our New Year's resolution is once again to be your helping hand in your skincare journey! Therefore, we want to bring you even more of what we think you, just like us, love - namely innovative and exciting Korean trends, routines and products!

As you may already know, K-Beauty represents a world of incredible techniques and skincare trends, such as double cleansing, the 7-skin method, the viral glass skin trend and of course the most talked about - the 10-step skincare routine. These trends have taken the world by storm and have become game changers for so many. While some trends go way back in time, new trends and products are emerging every day.

However, it is not always easy to know what is a temporary trend or what actually works. But don't worry! Every month we will update and give you all the information you need to decide if you want to jump on one, or even several trends.

Our recent visits to Seoul gave us an invaluable insight into what is dominating Korea. We visited the biggest beauty chain in Korea - Olive Young! It was also in this store that our founder Cecillia first fell in love with Korean skincare. During our trip, we explored not only the latest products that sell out on the shelves, but also a variety of treatments and experiences that can only be experienced in Korea.

We visited scalp spas, tried unique facials such as face pilates for firmer and more resilient skin and relaxing stone treatments that combine heat and massage to promote relaxation and blood circulation. We explored the full range of beauty treatments that are not only effective but also provide a wonderful and relaxing experience.

So with that said, are you ready to immerse yourself in all the beauty secrets and hacks we can share? Let's roll out the red carpet and introduce our new concept "K-Beauty Monthly Updates" with four incredible trends that will be the focus of our February trend watch list.

Cica Care Trend:
Sensitive skin is a very common skin type in Korea due to high pollution levels. In Sweden and the North, the cold and sometimes dry climate can be quite stressful for the skin. Cold air and low humidity during winter can lead to dehydration and irritation of the skin.
This trend has really taken the skincare world by storm. Inspired by the healing extract of centella asiatica, Cica Care products are known for their soothing, repairing and restoring properties. Centella Asiatica has a long history in traditional medicine. According to legend, tigers used to rub against this grass to heal their wounds, giving it the nickname 'tiger grass'.

It is used as a medicinal plant in Ayurvedic medicine (traditional Indian medicine) and traditional Chinese medicine, especially to treat itching, burns or even small wounds. For those who suffer from sensitive or irritated skin, products with cica care formulations are a lifesaver! They help soothe inflammation, strengthen the skin's natural barrier and promote healing.

A Sheet Mask a Day: It's no secret that Korean women and men live for their daily skincare routines and sheet masks, and we certainly understand why! Not only are sheet masks super easy to use, they also provide quick and effective results to deeply moisturize and treat the skin. Whether you need extra moisture, firming, or glow, we promise there are sheet masks to suit your needs.
In interviews, even Minnie from the K-pop group (G)I-DLE revealed that using a sheet mask every day for a whole month has become "her secret" to getting the clearest, dewiest skin possible before a big performance on stage.

Toner Pads: This trend has really made applying toner easier than ever. Toner pads are small, soaked pads that are impregnated with toner, allowing you to quickly and easily apply the product all over your face without having to use cotton pads or your hands. These pads are perfect for balancing the pH of the skin, preparing the skin for subsequent skincare products and providing a refreshing sensation.

Use toner pads in a variety of ways. Here are some tips from us.

Spot Treatment: Instead of using toner pads all over the face, they can be used as a spot treatment for specific problem areas. Place your pads on areas of excess oil, pimples or redness to treat these areas directly.

⭐️DIY Sheet Mask: Place the toner pads over your face like a DIY sheet mask. Leave them on for a few minutes to give the skin an intense moisture treatment. This hack is popular with Korean makeup artists to moisturize the skin before applying makeup.

⭐Travel packaging: Toner pads are convenient to take on a trip as they are lightweight and take up minimal space. Use them as a quick refresher during long flights or after a day in the sun to moisturize and soothe the skin.

⭐Neck and decolletage: Don't forget to care for your neck and décolletage! Use toner pads to apply toner to these areas to keep the skin soft and moisturized and to prevent signs of aging.

Cleansing Balms: Cleansing balms have quickly become a favorite in Korean skincare for their ability to effectively and gently cleanse the skin. These balms melt into the skin when applied and effectively break down dirt, oil and makeup, while leaving the skin moisturized and soft. Cleansing balms are perfect for following the first cleanse in the Korean double cleansing method and are an essential step in achieving clean and clear skin. Cleansing balms are also a product that is easier to travel with as there is no risk of leakage in your toiletry bag.

We hope you find a trend or product that gives you butterflies in your stomach! Follow us on instagram, tiktok and Pinterest to not miss our k-beauty tips and tricks.


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