7 step method - the latest trend in Korea

The latest trend in K-beauty is the so-called 7-step method for toner. It's about using the toner to build up a moisture barrier and nutrients with several layers to get that natural glow from within.

The important thing is to use a toner without alcohol and which provides a lot of moisture and restores the pH balance in the skin. Traditionally, in the western world, toner has been seen as a way to use a cotton pad to clean the last thing after washing (often these contain alcohol and give a dry rough aftertaste). This while the Korean toners on the market are focused on moisture, radiance and balancing the pH level in the skin (they therefore very rarely contain alcohol which dries out the skin).

With the help of the thinner toner, the moisture level in the skin increases more effectively without the heaviness from thicker creams or oils, as the toner sinks more easily and faster into the skin. It is also a way that works for all skin types and it provides moisture and restores the pH value while giving a glow and firmer skin.

The Korean word for toner means skin so it's about finding the natural balance and moisture in the skin after washing.

We recommend Klairs gentle supple preparation tones that balance the pH level in the skin, moisturize deeply, cleanse and soothe and give radiance. It has a slightly runny but still slightly creamy texture that easily sinks into the skin. Perfect for doing the 7-step method!

Klairs supple preparation toner

How to do the 7-step method?

Step 1. Double wash with oil wash and foam wash

Step 2. Pour a few drops of toner on a cotton pad and gently wipe the entire face

Step 3. Pour a few drops into the palm of your hand and work up a heat by quickly pulling your palms towards each other, massaging and then patting the toner all over your face.

Step 4. When the toner dries and sinks into the skin (after about 2 minutes), pour a few more drops in the palm of your hand and continue for another 6 rounds.

Now that it is spring and a little more moist in the air, in the morning you can immediately move on to using bb-cream and make-up and in the evening you can finish with a moisturizer or night mask (depending on how much moisture your skin needs)

The result:

It actually works! The skin becomes softer, smoother and gets a more natural glow! :)

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