Sofia's 5 Favorites - Dry winter skin

Hi blog readers! Fun to have a guest blog here. My name is Sofia and I work as a Key Account Manager here at GLOWiD. Today I will tell you about my 5 favorites from our range right now, here you will find them. I'm a real dry ice cream, who easily gets any blemishes. On the other hand, I tolerate quite a lot of active ingredients, so these five favorites are great for my skin, which right now is its driest self, but also in great need of glow and even skin tone like this in the middle of winter.

I love to feel really clean, especially if you have worn makeup during the day and the skin has been in contact with both exhaust fumes, fingers that just touched the phone and everything. In the evening after I have used an oil cleanser (Klairs Deep Cleansing Oil for life), I therefore follow up with a relatively new product, Dr. Ceuracle’s Pro Balance Night Enzyme Wash. An enzyme-based cleanser that removes dead skin cells and impurities, and which also contains carbon that exfoliates! It is a fairly coarse-grained powder that in contact with water becomes a wonderfully frothy mousse. I take some powder in the palm of my hand, add a few drops of water and then work up a lather that I massage into the face. Then I usually, if there is time, leave the foam on the face for maybe 30 seconds, so all the dirt really has time to dissolve, before I rinse off. Voilá, how clean at all!

After washing, I always follow up with a toner. During the day there is always a moisturizing toner, and in the evening one that cleanses further but some active ingredient. I like Tea Tree Purifine 70 Toner from Dr. Ceuracle massor. This toner contains both BHA and AHA which exfoliates but does not feel irritating to the skin. On the contrary, it also feels moisturizing as it also contains 70% tea Tree extract which also soothes the skin. Usually I take a few drops of it on Klairs Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pads and sweep over the face, but sometimes I take a few drops in the palm of my hand and then pat the toner in the face. If I feel super dry, I follow up with a layer of Klairs Supple Preperation Facial Toner. If you feel that the skin needs a really deep treatment, you can also soak some Klairs Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pads in the toner and apply it on the face as a sheet mask. This can also be done as a spot treatment, for a stubborn pimple or similar.

Then we come to a real big favorite, as it was actually Cecilia who insisted that I try from the beginning. Namely Hyggees All in One Essence which contains both hyaluronic acids, birch sap and probiotics. Is it a serum? In essence? A light moisturizer? The correct answer is that it is a bit of everything, and that is also what makes the product so magical for a dry ice cream like me. If you feel that you are lubricating and lubricating with creams and serums but still feel dry a few hours later. Then this is the product for you! Also perfect to unpack when traveling as you may not be able to take the entire bathroom cabinet with you. A tip to use this as a lip mask sometimes, yummy!

The next product is another product for all the dry ice out there. I'm talking about the world's best, CICAPRO ™ Revitalizing Cream from Make P: rem. This cream has wonderful Centella Asiatica in it which soothes, heals and strengthens the skin (perfect now in the middle of winter) and glycerin which locks in moisture (also perfect now in the middle of winter). Imagine a walk outside in minus degrees, and you come home and the skin feels red, tight and not at all comfortable. Then you take a thick layer of this as your night cream, and let it work during the night. Best cure! However, I use the cream both morning and evening now during the coldest months, and experience that it gives a really nice glow which of course is great on mornings you feel like a gray mouse. A little Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream on it and you are ready to start the day.

Last but certainly not least is a product that at first I did not think was something for me when I thought I woke up a little dry from it. Until I got the tip to first primer with my night cream and then take a real layer of this night mask. Now I think that there are few things that beat this if you want to wake up with a moisturized skin with less visible pores and wonderful luster. Of course I'm talking about Radience Peeling Sleeping Pack from Make P: rem. Okay, let's start with the texture, which is wonderful. A light blue jelly that feels cooling on the skin. Then the ingredients…. It contains Lactobionic acid which is a PHA acid (Polyhydroxy acid) and which exfoliates the surface of the skin and removes dead skin cells and increases cell renewal. PHA acid contains larger molecules unlike AHA and BHA acids and therefore reduces the risk of irritation, which means that this night mask is also suitable for very sensitive, irritated and dry skin. This night mask also contains extracts from turmeric, pearls and henna as well as fermented radish root which contain lots of antioxidants that soothe and moisturize and give radiance to the skin! If I do not want it all over my face one night (why would I not like to have it on the whole face, you can ask yourself, but if you work with skin care, you have to have time to try other products as well) so I usually use it as a spot treatment on pimples or pimples. Works great too, I think!

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