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My name is Patricia and I work here at GLOWiD! In part of our new concept to present ourselves from the team at GLOWiD, it is now my turn to show off my five favorites from our wonderful range - until Sunday 8 December, you get a 20% discount on the entire kit! Applies as long as the stock lasts, so take the opportunity to give your mixed skin an early Christmas present! You can find the kit here.

I have always been a real dry ice cream with oilier parts and have a history of both atopic eczema and hormonal acne, but with the help of good moisturizing and products that balance the pH value, I have finally gotten over and become friends with my skin and can enjoy a moisturized, even and glowing result! I can both easily get dry and tight after washing and my fatter parts (t-zone) have enlarged pores that are easily clogged and I can also get really big, difficult-to-treat pimples. Mixed skin is said to be the most common skin type but can also be the most difficult to treat as it may need different types of products on different parts of the face.

In the winter, I usually run the complete Korean 10-step routine, but it is entirely up to each one how many steps you need and the skin care routine is adapted to the season. Here I have collected my five favorites from our range, which work on me all over my face:

Make p: rem Radiance Me Mild Essential Peeling

After cleansing, on a clean and dry face, I love to get rid of this peeling - it is like nothing else! Its content with BHA dissolves clogged pores which is exactly what I want. It has a fantastic effect which means that as soon as you start circulating it in the skin, you feel small grains - but it is not synthetic grains but it is the SKIN that literally rolls off the face! After using this, you understand how many dead skin cells lie on the surface and litter. It is not in any way dehydrating for me, which I can experience that scrubs / peels can be.

This works to use all year round, while exfoliations such as acids (which I alternate with) are best suited during the winter.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

I started with GLOWiD's products long before I started working here and quickly this toner became a total game changer for me, our bestseller who changed my skin care routine and understanding of the importance of MOISTURE. This moisturizing toner balances the pH balance after cleansing (and possible peeling) and prepares the skin for subsequent products. I pat it 3-4 times and depending on the skin's daily form, it sometimes sinks in faster than other days. It is usually a sign of the skin's need for more moisture, so sometimes I pat it up to 7 layers but 3 pcs is usually enough. It sounds a lot, but the skin swallows this and the product is very good and you do not have to take many drops in the palm of your hand. Had this toner been available as a drink, I would definitely have drunk this (but plain water works more than well and has, as we all know, has an effect on the skin).

Make p: rem Safe Me Relief Moisture Mask

After cleansing, toner, essence and serum, it's time for sheet mask! I use sheet mask about every other, every third, day and then I like to turn to my absolute favorite which is this one from Make p: rem. Uses mostly sheet masks in the evening, but it works great when you have a little extra time in the morning as well, for example if you are a little swollen and dehydrated the day after drinking alcohol.

The sheet is made of bamboo and has a cruel fit and calming effect, while it deeply moisturizes and softens red areas. Use it for 15-20 minutes and then pat the product and let it sink into the skin before I move on to a day or night cream. You will also find this delicacy in the December Box Full of Seoul

Dr. Ceuracle Pure VC Mellight Cream

Many of us love to use vitamin C serum to glow boost and smooth out a tired and dull skin. Now I am also completely saved in this night cream, which is vitamin C in cream form with the most fantastic formula! It is incredibly smooth and balmy in texture and leaves a very pleasant moisturizing for the night! The pure vitamin C powder in it gives a balancing effect and antioxidants protect against free radicals (eg exhaust fumes / pollution for me who live in a big city or bacterial infestation). If I want to revive the skin EXTRA much, I use it after a vitamin C serum!

It works well against fine lines and wrinkles as well as pigmentation - I do not really have any of them, except for some recently emerged fine lines, but I use it for preventive purposes without it being too active. Used only in the evening and stored in the dark and cool (I have it in the fridge together with my vitamin C serums).

By Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch

As I mentioned above, I get regular pimples from time to time, not just small pimples but "inboard" or larger pimples that like to settle on my face for a week or more.

I take blood thinners medicines that, among other things, make it difficult for pimples to heal (especially when you have been there and poked even though you should not) - then acne patches are perfect as help on the stack and often leave me amazed at the accelerated healing process. This package contains as many as 36 acne patches in different sizes and is applied either to a not yet mature pimple, but has the better effect on a newly squeezed pimple (just to open up the pore, it must not be squeezed to the extent that it begins to bleed) on cleansed face. It then fits so well that you can continue with the following routine on top. I use these in the evening and let them do their job overnight - many times the contents of the fins are completely absorbed in the patch! It is just as well to use a patch during the day.

Sometimes I even get to be extra quick to use up my patches because I have a partner with acne who also loves them!

/ Patricia

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