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Hope you had a great start to the new year! My name is Fia and since October I have had my internship at Glowid as part of my education in digital commerce. It's my turn to share and put together a small kit of my five favorite products right now.

My skin and I have not always been together when a few years ago I had a real outbreak of hormonal acne that I still deal with. On this, my skin is also quite sensitive and I get dry easily, which means that some active ingredients go away. During these years, I have gained some control over my acne, including various prescription creams, but I have also gotten to know my skin and now know what it needs to feel good and be its most glowing self!

These five products are some of the many that have become my favorites that work moisturizing, prevent acne and even out skin tone. You will notice that the majority of the products are from By Wishtrend which is a brand I am really stuck for. The products are designed to suit sensitive and acne-prone skin and they are constantly working to find effective formulations to give maximum effect and visibly improved results.

By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water

Even though I have sensitive skin, this exfoliating toner works great on me! I use it about 2-3 nights a week depending on the condition of the skin. After double cleansing, I either apply this on a cotton pad and sweep over the entire face or I only have it as a spot treatment on pimples and old scars. I always follow up with a moisturizing toner that I pat with my hands in several layers for extra hydration.

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheetmask & By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheetmask

I have chosen to bring two different sheet masks to my favorites. The reason for this is that during the winter my skin is the driest and needs all the extra moisture it can get and during this period I use sheetmask several times a week to keep the skin hydrated 24/7. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheetmask moisturizes, repairs and strengthens a damaged skin barrier, while By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheetmask gives radiance to a dull skin, evens out skin tone and soothes. Both masks suit sensitive skin and are perfect to alternate between this time of year depending on the skin's daily form.

By Wishtrend Polyphenol in Propolis 15% Ampoule

Have never before noticed the effect of a product as fast as I did with this one. My red and irritated skin was almost blown away the next morning. It has really become my go-to product that I can not be without in my routine. When I have experimented too much with new products and the skin feels irritated, this is always the one I return to. It has a calming, moisturizing effect and balances the oil level in the skin, which is perfect for me who easily gets pimples. I use this morning and evening for tones and essence by applying a few drops on the face and massaging in. A tip is to apply a vitamin c serum before this to get a really wonderful glow!

By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream

A newfound favorite for me! Like the propolis ampoule, this wonderful cream is rich in antioxidants that strengthen the skin and vitamins C and E that even out the skin tone and repair it. I use the cream mainly in the evening as a last step and this also goes well with a vitamin C serum to boost and maximize the effect of vitamin C. It is just as good to use as a day cream, but do not forget to apply Spf afterwards. I became very aware of my skin when I had the most acne and to avoid getting dull and remaining scars, I never went outside the door without wearing sunscreen. Why fight so much with the skin if you still throw everything away by not protecting it! Spf is now a must in my morning routine all year round!

A side tip from me if it feels cumbersome and difficult to manage to apply sunscreen in the morning is to find a day cream with Spf in it. Dr. Ceuracle Cica Regen Anti-dust Sun Gel with the whole Spf 50 is also a favorite

Those were my five favorites! Do you recognize yourself in my skin type and wonder something, feel free to ask questions in the comments All products are currently sold as a kit and you will find this at a 20% discount until Sunday 12 January 2020.

/ Fia <3

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