BOX FULL OF SEOUL! February box, Moisture and strength

Now we are finally launching our monthly box…. BOX FULL OF SEOUL !!!

This box was born based on you, your questions and your commitment! We in team GLOWiD wanted to be able to respond to the interest you have shown in learning more about K-beauty in a fun and nice way and then Box Full Of Seoul was born. So thank you for your questions that have led to this box! We will always have a 30% discount from the regular price so that you can test at a lower price.

The thoughts we mainly want to answer with the box is that so many of you have shown interest in getting inspiration and the opportunity to learn more about which products work best for different seasons and which ones are mixed with advantage.

With this box, we want to inspire, give tips and advice adapted to the season and show examples of products from different brands that can be mixed well. We want to give the opportunity to seasonally boost their own routine, test new products or why not give as a gift to someone? :)

The first box we launch is the February box and the theme is: "All about the Moisture & Strenght".

As many probably notice, the skin may require a little more during the winter months. The dry and cold air affects more than you might think. We are also exposed to extreme temperature changes between a hot and dry indoor climate to the cold winter air outside. Just to compare with what we wear on the body in the winter compared to the summer, then it becomes quite obvious that the skin also needs a little extra! Therefore, we need to do more for the skin and boost it with moisture, moisture, moisture!

The February box contains a bunch of fantastic products that we have carefully selected. Products that deeply moisturize and protect your skin from dehydration.

1- Exfoliation with By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid - To have a good foundation so that the skin can absorb moisture in the best way, it is good to start with exfoliation, shortly after you have cleansed the skin. This exfoliating toner from By Wishtrend is mild and contains mandelic acid. Mandelic acid is an AHA acid but is milder, (though just as effective), as for example. glycolic acid or citric acid. The mandelic acid removes dead skin cells - which in turn increases the cell turnover rate, gives soft skin, smoother skin tone and soothes acne and infections in the skin. Initially use one to three days a week.

2. Moisturizing toner, leegeehaam Hyal B5 Toner - After exfoliation, a really moisturizing toner is needed which helps the skin to regain the right pH balance and which prepares the skin to best absorb subsequent products. This toner contains 5 different types of hyaluronic acid that fill and plump the skin with moisture. Among the ingredients are also Provitamin B5 which works to balance the oil level in the skin and peony & Centella asiatica which soothes and gives a clear skin tone. Feel free to apply this with the palms, pat and massage the toner into the skin and use it to advantage in several layers for an extra moisturized and plump effect!

3, moisturizing serum, Hyal B5 ampoule - The box's moisturizing serum is Leegeehaam Grow Hyal B5 Ampoule. Here you have maximum moisture in a bottle! This provides a long-lasting moisturizing of all skin layers. 5 different hyaluronic acids and plant extracts nourish dry, "dull" and irritated skin. The plant extract comes from Resurrection plant, which is a plant that has intense moisturizing properties that allow the plant to survive extreme dehydration for several years. A fantastic combination of ingredients that keeps its promise.

4. Sheetmasks. Of course we also have a bunch of face masks in the February box! Perfect way to boost the skin. Once a week, or more, we recommend a face mask. Use as often as you feel you need. Now in the winter it may be needed much more often.

Leegeehaam wannabe aqua mask - Just like the toner & ampoule, this sheet mask is prepped with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture in the skin while vitamin B5 forms a strong moisture barrier on the skin surface to prevent moisture loss. 15-20 minutes you have this for a nap and effective moisturizing!

Make P: rem Blending Me Mouisturizing Oil Mask - This sheet mask contains a combination of 10 different oils that are absorbed by the skin with a feeling of a light essence and which soothes, moisturizes and gives life to tired winter skin. The oils come from: olive, coconut, jojoba, juniper, macadamia, argan, rosehip, grapes, goldenrod and avocado. Apply after cleaning and toner and let sit for 10 minutes. Fold in the remaining essence before continuing with the rest of your routine.

5. Night mask, Make P: strap Radiance Peeling Sleeping Pack is our latest addition in the category "night mask / moisturizer". So this is a gel cream. Apply before going to bed, as the last step in your routine, and sleep with this on. During the night, it works exfoliating, moisturizing and lustrous. This contains i.a. PHA acid that exfoliates. PHA is a very mild acid that has smaller molecules than AHA & BHA, which means that it reduces the risk of irritation and therefore suits everyone, even a very sensitive, irritated and dry skin. The list of ingredients also includes delicacies such as extracts from turmeric, pearl barley and henna, as well as fermented radish root - lots of antioxidants that soothe and moisturize. Result - Nice glow, soft and very moisturized skin when you wake up in the morning! Do not initially use in the same routine as other exfoliation, so start with By wishtrend mandelic acis and make p: rem radiance night peeling pack in different routines (use eg mandelic acid in the morning and make prem in the evening). If the skin is comfortable with both products, it is then possible to use them in the same routine!

We at team GLOWiD have put together this box with heart and soul and we hope you will love it as much as we do!

Have a lovely day!:)


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