Skincare in the shower!

1. Double wash.

Before entering the shower, massage your oil wash with small circular motions all over your face. Once in the shower, use warm water (more in the lukewarm direction than hot) and continue massaging in small circles so that the oil has a milky consistency. Then use a water-based wash (foam wash or gel wash) and work up a foam, rinse with lukewarm water. Finish by splashing some cold water on your face and immediately apply toner to lock in moisture

To read more about the Korean double wash go to K-Beauty for beginners in the top menu.

2. Clay mask in the shower.

It has long been a trend in Korea to use clay masks in the shower to avoid them drying all the way into the skin. Of course, it depends a bit on what type of clay mask you have (the latest clay masks from Korea are so mild that they do not dry all the way into the skin but are kept a little moist all the time). Take the opportunity to add a hair wrap while you wait for the clay mask to do its job!

3. Exfoliate.

Use your peeling in the shower and avoid all smudges!

Remember not to let the shower water get too hot, it can dry out the skin and reduce the skin's elasticity.

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